On September 29, 2023, Vedanta Limited announced a demerger plan to split its business into six independent entities.


October 01, 2023

The veteran businessman Anil Aggarwal's Vedanta Group announced demerger last Friday.

Demerger news

It is a corporate restructuring in which a company splits its business into two or more separate companies.

What is demerger?

The effects of the Vedanta demerger would only be felt on Tuesday due to the Monday Indian stock market holiday


To create focused entities, unlock shareholder value, attract investors, and simplify the structure.


Six separate companies are Aluminum, Oil & Gas, Power, Steel & Ferrous Materials, Vedanta Base Metals and Vedanta Ltd.

Obtaining regulatory approvals, implementing the demerger and Ensuring a smooth transition.


Shareholders will receive one share of each of the new entities for every one share of Vedanta Limited.


On friday, Vedanta's share price ended at 222.65 on the NSE and 222.50 on the BSE.

Vedatnta share price

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