Learn about Karwa Chauth Puja vidhi 2023. It is procedure of performing the worship ritual of Karwa Chauth.

Before sunrise, women have 'sargi', a meal from their mothers-in-law.

Dressed in new clothes and adorned with mehendi. During the day, they fast and keep busy with chores.

Listening to the Karwa Chauth vrat katha and chanting mantras.

In the evening, Women gathered at a temple or common place  for the Karwa Chauth puja

A beautifully arranged puja thali. The puja thali has a karwa, roli, kumkum, rice, and more.

Women should first worship Goddess Parvati by applying roli and rice on her forehead and offering water, flowers and sweets.

Women should then worship Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya by offering them water, flowers and sweets.

Exchanging thalis and karwas symbolizing sisterhood. After puja, they wait for moonrise to break their fast.

Offering water to the moon and praying for their husbands. Gazing at their husbands and breaking the fast.