G20 Summit Gala Dinner Menu

"Over 500 dishes await at the G20 Summit Gala Dinner. From Indian delicacies to international flavors."

Indian Culinary Delights

"From Dahi Bhalla to Jodhpuri Kabuli Pulav, savor the richness of Indian cuisine at the G20 Gala Dinner"

International Flavors

"Discover international delicacies like Thai specialties and Danish treats on the diverse menu of the G20 Gala Dinner."

Salads and Starters

"Indulge in Tossed Indian Green Salad, Grilled Vegetable Salad, and other delectable choices".

Main Course Extravaganza

"Feast on regional specialties like Punjab's Dal Tadka, South India's Uttapam, and much more."

Delectable Desserts

"End your meal with a sweet note with treats like Rasgulla, Kesar Pista Ras Malai, and a variety of ice creams."

International Flavors

"Explore global cuisine with Thai and Danish dishes, along with a variety of bread and dessert options."

Exclusive Dinner Preparations

"Employees will done special attire to serve, luxury hotels offer custom tableware, and 15,000 silverware sets are ready."

Culinary Delights Await

"Over 500 dishes from breakfast to dinner, featuring crispy Bajra bites with curd and chutney, and forest mushroom galore."

Sweet Conclusions

"End the meal with Madhurima, a cardamom-infused Barnyard Bajra Halwa, and Ambemohar Rice Crisps with fig-peach coulis."

White Lightning