Gaur Gopal Das Biography: A Motivational Speaker in India (2024)

Explore the journey of Gaur Gopal Das Biography. Discover his life lessons and the path that led him to become a renowned life coach and motivational speaker.

Gaur Gopal Das Biography
Gaur Gopal Das Biography

Gaur Gopal Das Biography

Gaur Gopal Das is one of the most popular and influential motivational speakers in India. He is also a monk, a lifestyle coach, and a former electrical engineer. He is a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and has been spreading the message of spirituality, happiness, and peace for over two decades.

Gaur Gopal Das Early Life and Education

Gopal Das ji was born on 24 December 1973 in Vambori, Maharashtra, India. He completed his schooling from St. Jude High School, Dehuroad, Pune, Maharashtra. He then pursued a diploma in electrical engineering from Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune, and a degree in electrical engineering from College of Engineering, Pune, in 1992 and 1995 respectively. He worked as an electrical engineer at Hewlett Packard for a brief period, before leaving the company in 1996 to become a monk.

Gaur Gopal Das Family

Gopal Das ji comes from a middle-class Marwari Jain family in Maharashtra. His father worked for the Indian Meteorological Department and passed away in 2009 due to Parkinson’s disease. He has a younger sister who is married and settled in Pune. Gopal Das himself is a celibate, which means he has renounced marriage and family life for the sake of spiritual advancement. He considers his guru, Radhanath Swami, and his fellow monks as his spiritual family. He also has a large fan base who admire and respect him as a motivational speaker and a life coach. He often expresses his gratitude and affection for his biological and spiritual family through his social media posts and videos.

Journey as a Monk and a Coach

Gopal Das ji joined ISKCON in 1996 and became a disciple of Radhanath Swami, a spiritual leader and author. He received the name “Gaur Gopal Das” and dedicated his life to serving humanity and God. He started travelling across India and abroad, giving lectures, seminars, and workshops on various topics related to spirituality, leadership, personal development, and social issues. He also became a life coach and mentor to many celebrities, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students.

Gaur Gopal Das Biography: From Engineer to A Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker in India

Gopal Das has a unique style of blending ancient wisdom with modern insights, humor with seriousness, and stories with facts. He uses simple and practical examples to illustrate profound concepts and inspire his audience to take positive action. He has spoken at various prestigious platforms, such as the United Nations, the British Parliament, the MIT, the World Economic Forum, and many more. He has also addressed several corporate giants, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Coca-Cola, and others.

Gopal Das Achievements and Recognition

Gopal Das has received many awards and honors for his outstanding contribution to the field of spirituality and inspiration. Some of them are:

  • Rotary International’s ‘Super Achiever Award’ in 2016
  • YouTube’s ‘Silver Creator Award’ and ‘Gold Play Button’ in 2017 and 2018 respectively
  • Danveer Karna Award by Kalinga Institute of Technology in 2017
  • Ideal Youth Spiritual Guru Award by MIT World Peace University in 2018
  • Gandhi Peace Prize by Bharat Nirman Foundation in 2018
  • Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) by Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in 2018
  • The Extraordinaire Spiritual Leader Award by Brand Vision and Nex Brands in 2019
  • IMAI Award by The Kaizen Institute India in 2019
  • Bharat Shiromani Award by the Shiromani Institute in 2019
  • Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award by NRI Welfare Society in 2019

Gaur Gopal Das Books and Social Media

Gopal Das has authored three books so far, which have been bestsellers and translated into many languages. They are:

  • Revival: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems
  • Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life
  • The Way of the Monk: The Four Steps to Peace, Purpose and Lasting Happiness

Gopal Das has a huge fan following on social media, where he regularly posts motivational videos, quotes, and updates. He has over 17 million followers across various platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Gaur Gopal Das, Motivational Speaker in India
Gaur Gopal Das- A Motivational Speaker in India

Gopal Das Motivational Quotes

Gopal Das’s message emphasizes inner peace, mindfulness, and overcoming negative emotions like fear and comparison. He encourages individuals to find personal fulfillment through self-awareness, positive thinking, and service to others.

  • “Focus on the bloom, not the thorn. Every challenge carries the potential for immense growth.”
  • “Comparison steals your joy. Celebrate your unique journey, and find peace within.”
  • “Don’t chase happiness; cultivate inner calmness. Happiness is a butterfly – the more you chase it, the further it flies. Be still, and let it land on you.”
  • “Your thoughts are your reality. Choose wisely, and cultivate a garden of positivity.”
  • “Success is not the destination, but the journey. Embrace the present moment, learn from each step, and enjoy the ride.”
  • “Service is the true measure of success. Give generously, and find fulfillment in uplifting others.”
  • “Forgive yourself and others. Holding onto grudges burdens your soul. Let go and find liberation.”
  • “Fear is an illusion. Step outside your comfort zone, and discover the strength within.”
  • “Silence is a powerful tool. Find moments of quiet reflection, and connect with your inner wisdom.”
  • “Life is a precious gift. Live authentically, follow your passions, and make a difference in the world.”


Gaur Gopal Das is a motivational speaker in India who has touched the lives of millions of people with his words of wisdom and compassion. He is a role model for many who aspire to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. He is a living example of how one can achieve success and happiness by following one’s passion and purpose. He is a true leader, a visionary, and a legend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Gaur Gopal Das’ background and how did he become a monk?

Gopal Das holds an engineering degree and even worked at Hewlett-Packard before leaving it all behind to become a monk in 1996. He found his calling in sharing spiritual wisdom and practical life lessons within the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

What are Gopal Das’s core teachings?

His message focuses on finding inner peace, overcoming challenges, and living a meaningful life. He emphasizes themes like self-love, gratitude, resilience, and choosing your response to situations.

What are Gopal Das’s most popular books and talks?

His bestselling books include “Life’s Amazing Secrets” and “Energize Your Mind.” His TED Talks and YouTube videos like “Use This STRATEGY to Solve ANY PROBLEM with Ease!” and “Do We Need Bad To Enjoy The Good?” have garnered millions of views.

How can I incorporate Gaur Gopal Das’s teachings into my daily life?

Start small! Practice mindfulness techniques like meditation, focus on gratitude, and reframe negative thoughts. His app “Monkify” offers guided meditations and other resources.

What are some criticisms of Gaur Gopal Das and his approach?

Some critique his association with ISKCON and its specific beliefs. Others feel his message, while relatable, lacks depth or actionable advice. Remember, his teachings may resonate with some but not all.

What are Gaur Gopal Das’s views on social media and its impact on mental well-being?

He acknowledges the benefits of connection but warns against excessive comparison and negativity online. He encourages mindful use of technology and prioritizing real-life interactions.

How does Gaur Gopal Das approach dealing with stress and anxiety?

He emphasizes techniques like deep breathing, focusing on the present moment, and letting go of unhelpful thoughts. He also encourages seeking professional help if needed.

What are Gaur Gopal Das’s thoughts on finding one’s purpose in life?

He believes purpose is not a fixed destination but an ongoing journey of growth and service. He suggests focusing on personal values, contributing to others, and making a positive impact.

How can I connect with Gaur Gopal Das and his community?

Follow him on social media (@GaurGopalDas), subscribe to his YouTube channel, or visit his website ( His app “Monkify” offers further resources and a supportive community.

What are some upcoming events or projects I can look forward to from Gaur Gopal Das?

Stay updated on his website and social media for announcements about talks, workshops, book releases, or new app features. He actively engages with his audience and offers various ways to connect and learn.

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