Free Online Courses with Certificates in India by Government:Unlocking Career Advancement

There are various free online courses with certificates in India provided by the government because the future of education is online. Beginners to advanced learners have taken immense advantage of online courses. Numerous free online government certifications across all fields are available through government and government-aided platforms like Swayam, NPTEL, and AICTE. These platforms primarily offer free or low-cost online courses and certifications, providing learners with access to world-class education from the country’s top institutes. In this article, we will explore some of the top government-sponsored online courses that offer certificates for skill development. So, without delay, let’s dive into the world of free online courses with certificates in India and discover the government’s offerings in this regard.

Top Providers Offering Free Online Courses With Certificates in India by Government


The full type of Swayam is (Study Networks of Dynamic Learning for Youthful Yearning Psyches). In 2017, the Service of Human Asset Advancement presented SWAYAM as a feature of its Computerized India procedure. These free web-based courses with testaments in India by the public authority are free for evaluation.

Key Features

  • All courses are allowed to enlist
  • Each course has video addresses
  • The perusing material is allowed to download
  • Online understudies can partake in tests and tests
  • Understudies are given a web-based conversation gathering to explain questions among their companions
  • Catered towards students and postgraduates
  • Up-and-comers need to show up for the paid affirmation test face to face

Top Online Free Courses from Swayam

High-level Corporate System

Presented by the Indian Organization of The executives Bangalore through Swayam, this is among the free web-based courses with authentications in India by the government and free govt testament on the web. India’s public authority and government offer free authentication courses online. These courses cover corporate strategy, business challenges, and practical skills. It is undeniably appropriate for postgraduate-level understudies, Counseling Experts, Speculation Banking experts, General administration experts, and Business Planners.

Term: 6 weeks

Platform: Swayam

Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering

Fundamental Standards and Computations in Synthetic Designing

This is another of the best free web-based courses with endorsements in India and the public authority of India free web-based courses presented by the Indian Establishment of Innovation Guwahati through Swayam. These web-based courses free with a declaration in India are intended for up-and-comers searching for online confirmation courses and degree programs in compound designing and understudies. With this administration declaration free program, you will get familiar with the actual properties of the vehicle of materials, the systems of the pace of progress of energy, the layered homogeneity idea, its application, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Duration: 12 weeks

Platform: Swayam

Financial Accounting and Analysis

In Monetary Bookkeeping and Examination of the free government declaration courses and online courses with testaments in India by the government for understudies, you will learn components of fiscal reports, bookkeeping standards, key boundaries of monetary execution, and bookkeeping principles. You will likewise get familiar with the apparatuses and strategies utilized for monetary examination from these sorts of web-based free courses with declarations in India by the public authority. The public authority online courses with testament and govt authentication courses free are presented by the Indian Organization of The board Bangalore through Swayam and incorporate two credit focuses.

Duration: 6 weeks

Platform: Swayam

Innovation and Information Technology Management

This one of the public authority free web-based courses with declarations and free courses presented by legislature of India from IIM Bangalore through Swayam is intended for IT experts who need to more readily deal with their abilities and potential and business visionaries anticipating presenting IT-pertinent items in their new companies. This 6-week free web-based course with endorsement in India will show you all advancements in the business and their developments. You will find out about Moore’s Regulation and how to execute it in choices in regards to new turns of events. It will likewise allow you to comprehend how to coordinate programming and their activities to create and order them.

Duration: 6 weeks

Platform: Swayam

A brief course on Superconductivity

This is one of the most outstanding free web-based courses with declarations in India by the public authority presented by NPTEL and taught by IIT Guwahati Prof. Saurabh Basu by means of Swayam. These web-based free courses with authentications in India by the public authority course are intended to show the fundamentals of superconductivity, including the Meissner impact, electrodynamic reaction, and type-I, and type-II superconductors. This free government authentication online program will likewise show you the nuts and bolts of Josephson intersections, SQUIDS and its applications, Quantum Rationale circuit, and that’s just the beginning.

Duration: 4 weeks

Platform: Swayam

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Artificial intelligence: Imperative Fulfillment

This is another of the best government free web-based courses with authentications from NPTEL and instructed by IIT Madras Prof. Deepak Khemani. The course incorporates 7 modules talking about Requirement fulfillment issues (CSP), models; Limitation organizations, same and projection organizations, Limitation proliferation, curve consistency, way consistency, and I-consistency.

These free endorsement courses by administration of India and government free courses online with declarations will likewise make sense of Directional consistency and chart requesting, backtrack free inquiry, versatile consistency; Quest techniques for addressing CSPs, lookahead strategies, dynamic variable and worth requesting; Lookback strategies, Gaschnig’s back hopping, diagram based backjumping, struggle coordinated backjumping, from there, the sky’s the limit.

Duration: 8 weeks

Platform: Swayam

Analytical Techniques

This is one of the looked for nothing on the web courses with authentications in India and online courses with testaments in India by government free that will show you Watery arrangements, Acids, Bases, cushion frameworks, and pH meters. It will allow you to learn Centrifugation, Gel filtration, Particle trade chromatography, Liking chromatography, Gas chromatography, HPLC, Protein Assessment Procedures, and then some. Presented by CEC and instructed by AIIMS, New Delhi Prof. M.R Rajeswari, this course incorporates 4 credits.

Duration: 15 weeks

Platform: Swayam

Android Mobile Application Development

In this one of the free web-based courses with testaments in India by the public authority, you will be shown Android Programming Improvement and how to construct an example Android application utilizing Android Studio. Presented by IGNOU through Swayam, the course will talk about Android Task Design, Android Manifest Document and its generally expected settings; Exercises, Administrations, Expectations; Consents, Application assets; JSON Web Administration, and that’s just the beginning.

After effectively finishing the free web-based tasks with testament in India, you will actually want to utilize the advancement apparatuses in the Android improvement climate, and the significant parts of Android Programming interface to make your own applications, characterize the existence patterns of Exercises, Applications, and Sections, and substantially more.

Duration: 12 weeks

Platform: Swayam

Popular Certification Specialisations

Digital Marketing Certification CoursesCyber Security Certification Courses
Artificial Intelligence Certification CoursesBusiness Analytics Certification Courses
Data Science Certification CoursesCloud Computing Certification Course
Machine Learning Certification CoursesWeb Designing Certification Courses


Government Certificate Course Coordinators on Swayam

Presently we should investigate a portion of the top course facilitators who utilize the SWAYAM stage. These Indian government free web-based courses with authentications have broadly perceived course facilitators who convey specialized and non-specialized internet based free government courses with declarations through Swayam. They are as per the following:


AICTE represents All India Board for Specialized Training. It was established in November 1945 as a public level Peak Warning Body to break down specialized schooling offices and advance composed and coordinated extension the nation over. Here are the top foundations that offer government free web-based courses with testaments.

  • IIT Bombay
  • Indian Council of Medical Research
  • University of Hyderabad
  • Jadavpur University
  • Shiv Nadar University

Key Features

  • Understudies can browse an assortment of great free internet based government testament courses presented by suppliers from India as well as around the world
  • Most of the free web-based transient courses with authentications in India by government are focused on fledglings who need to acquire applicable specialized abilities and enter the work market


Top Providers Offering Free Courses and Certifications

Free Online Courses with Certificates in India

Udemy Free Courses and CertificationsCoursera Free Courses and Certifications
Edx Free Courses and CertificationsSwayam Free Courses and Certifiations
Great Learning Free Courses and CertificationsFuturelearn Free Courses and Certifications
Simplilearn Free Courses and CertificationsEdubridge Free Courses and Certifications


Top Platforms on AICTE Offering Free Courses with Government Certification

  1. CodeRed from EC Council – Provides advanced education for cyber professionals
  2. Microsoft Learn – Provides a range of online certifications across different Microsoft technologies via hands-on learning
  3. Great Learning – Provides a plethora of online government certification courses on subjects such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, data science

AICTE Online Certification Courses

  • Python for Absolute Beginners
  • A Practical Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Website Hosting for Beginners Panel with SiteGround Account
  • Cyber Security for Businesses – The Fundamental Edition


Public Program on Innovation Upgraded Learning (NPTEL) is a cooperative venture of the IITs and IISc that was made in 2003 and is upheld by the Indian Service of Schooling (MoE). NPTEL started as an undertaking to elevate great training to all pieces of the nation and presently presents more than 600 courses every semester in approximately 22 classifications with the assistance of online free courses with endorsements in India by the public authority. Top establishments teaming up with NPTEL to furnish free web-based momentary courses with testaments in India by government are:

  • IISER Mohali
  • Kerala School of Mathematics
  • IISER Pune
  • Texas A&M University

Key Aspects

  • All online certifications are free to enroll
  • Students who are not a part of any IIT can earn an IIT certification
  • Three hours of video content every week
  • Assessments – assignments
  • Immersive learning experience via laboratory workshops
  • The candidates must pass the in-person proctored certification examination
  • Course toppers get internships with course instructors

Universities Offering Government Course Certificates on NPTEL

  1. IIT Kharagpur
  2. IIT Kanpur
  3. IIT Delhi
  4. IIT Madras
  5. IIT Bombay
  6. IIT Roorkee
  7. IIT Guwahati
  8. IISc Bangalore

Government Course Certificates on NPTEL

Significant vocations in numerous enterprises are canvassed in the accompanying classes. All of the public authority free web-based courses with declarations are Personnel Advancement Projects that have been approved by the AICTE. First class Indian establishments give these.

Advanced Computer ArchitectureIIT Delhi12 weeks
The Joy of Computing Using PythonIIT Ropar12 weeks
Big Data ComputingIIT Patna8 weeks
Optical Fiber SensorsIIT Madras12 weeks
LeadershipIIT Kharagpur4 weeks
Basics of Materials EngineeringIIT Madras12 weeks
Signal and SystemsIISER Bhopal12 weeks
Six SigmaIIT Kharagpur12 weeks
Cloud computingIIT Kharagpur12 weeks
Programming in C++IIT Kharagpur8 weeks
Data Science for EngineersIIT Madras8 weeks
Programming in JavaIIT Kharagpur12 weeks


The full type of IGNOU is Indira Gandhi Public Open College. Laid out in 1985, with a financial plan of Rs 20 million and is one of the world’s biggest open colleges. In India, IGNOU offers 227 projects through 67 local communities and 21 schools. IGNOU has an assortment of sans government online courses with declarations. A couple of instances of free courses by the public authority of India would be in the fields of Business, Money, and Science.

Selection and Integration of Technology in Educational ProcessesIGNOU Delhi via Swayam24 weeks
BES 123: Learning and TeachingIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
MCO-05 Accounting for Managerial DecisionsIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
Production ManagementIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
BES 141: Pedagogy of ScienceIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
BHC-012:Event PlanningIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
MS 2 Management of Human ResourcesIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
MCO-03: Research Methodology and Statistical AnalysisIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks
Principles of MarketingIGNOU Delhi via Swayam16 weeks

Benefits of These Free Online Courses With Certificates in India

Some of the benefits of these free online courses with certificates in India by government are:

  • Creates employable opportunities, even for those who want a career upgrade
  • Provides chances to those who are unable to learn the traditional courses for higher education
  • These government certificate courses free are taught in online mode thereby saving time, and money both
  • Great for beginners as it enables learning the basic skills right from scratch

Choosing Your Ideal Free Online Courses with Certificates in India by Government

Initially, the government showed little interest in providing online education, as students were more drawn to blended learning. However, due to the growing popularity of online learning, government institutions adopted a forward-looking approach and introduced free government-certified online courses.  Candidates can choose the most suitable free online courses in India with certificates based on their existing skill sets.


These government-sponsored free online courses in India, along with their certificates, will equip you with relevant skill sets and empower you to advance your career to new heights.  You can even compare online courses to select the most suitable one and secure a successful career in your desired field through these government-provided free courses with certificates in India.

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